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MIT Climate CoLab Contest seeks proposals on how to measure, monitor, and reduce the climate impacts of fracking

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Rebecca French
04/08/13 12:08 PST

EPA roadmap for Air Sensors

This Draft Roadmap was developed by EPA to share EPA's early thinking about how best to support ...
Tim Dye
03/19/13 12:21 PST

Interview with Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm about connected devices

An inspiring Charlie Rose interview with Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm about the future of phones and sens...
Tim Dye
01/24/13 18:46 PST

STI NO2 Sensor Evaluation Report

This EPA funded study evaluated the practical application of smaller, lower-cost NO2 sensing systems...
Tim Dye
12/28/12 15:53 PST

Low Cost Sensing Efforts

Presentation entitled "Low-Cost Sensing by Citizens and Community Groups - Current Status and O...
Tim Dye
12/28/12 15:51 PST

Black/Brown Carbon Walk in New Orleans

I used a micro Aetholometer (Aethlabs) to measure black/brown (smoke) carbon during a 2 hour walk in...
Tim Dye
12/28/12 15:48 PST

Article on Measuring Personal Exposures

from Environmental Health Perspectives

Characterizing Exposomes: Tools for Measuring Perso...
Briana Gordon
12/28/12 15:15 PST

Environmental ML should contain......

A recent discussion at EcoHackNYC sought to define what should be included in an Environmental XML. ...
Briana Gordon
12/28/12 15:10 PST

Article on Mobile Phone Sensing

A Survey of Mobile Phone Sensing

(Posted by Vasu Kilaru, April 2012)...
Briana Gordon
12/28/12 15:07 PST

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